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Voice Message Recordings for BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Spencer has recorded English voice message options for Berling Brandenburg Airport BER

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More information about Berlin Brandenburg Airport:

The long-awaited new Berlin airport, after an almost 15-year, legendary history of construction, has finally opened. Named after the leading German politician Willy Brandt, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Willy Brandt, is located in a 27-km distance from Berlin city center, in the state of Brandenburg.

The construction of the new airport began in 2006 and was due to be finished until 2011. However, the project has suffered continuous delays which lead to its opening only in October, 31st 2020!

The decision for a new airport in Berlin was taken to replace Schönefeld, Tegel and Tempelhof airports. Tempelhof airport closed in 2008 while the last flight from Tegel airport took place on November, 8th 2020. On the other hand, Schönefeld airport will be operational until 2025 occupying one of the three terminals of Brandenburg airport. Thus, Schönefeld airport is now named as Berlin Brandenburg airport’s Terminal 5.

For the time being, the new German airport has three terminals and two runways. In the future, two more terminals, as well as a satellite terminal, are planned to be constructed. The airport is expected to welcome up to 35-40 million passengers annually, becoming one of the busiest airports, both locally and in European level.

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