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There is a great new radio station out there dedicated to those who love Caravanning or those who own and use a Motorhome for their holiday get aways.




Caravan Radio plays a valuable role in enhancing the caravanning experience, providing travellers with essential information, entertainment, and a sense of community while exploring the open road.


Caravan Radio provides Updates Top Tips and Top Destination Ideas 24 hours a day 7 days a week all mixed together with the best music from the 70’s through to todays top chart hits.

News / Weather /Travel Information: Caravan radio provides up-to-date travel information, including traffic updates, road closures, and weather forecasts relevant to caravaners. This helps caravaners plan their routes and stay informed about road conditions during their journey.

Top Destinations: Caravan radio may offer destination guides, highlighting points of interest, attractions, and events in popular caravanning destinations. This information can help travellers make the most of their trips and discover new places to explore.

Top Tips: Safety is paramount for caravaners, especially when towing a caravan or motorhome. Caravan radio stations may provide safety tips and advice on towing techniques, vehicle maintenance, and campground regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Caravan Radio