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Specialist Voice Recordings

We are always interested to hear from your if you have a specific request for a voice recording. Whilst we often prepare a list of services that we offer on a general day to day basis which can be a voice over artists bread and butter, we know that often you may require something more in tune with a particular need.

You may require a read of a specific page or paragraph or from a piece of erotic literature or book that you wish to share as an audio file. It could be a quote from a famous person or historic character to inspire a work force during a training exercise. It could be a short or long form reproduction of a script or transcript from a programme of film you need to replicate.

We specialise in voicemail recording and cover the widest range of industries, these can include, Management, Health & Safety, Schools and Collages, Health and Medical Services, Building and Manufacturing, Entertainment, Sports and social media, Training and Learning, Human Resources and Accounting, Adult Entertainment Business and Industries.

Whatever the requirement we have a voice over solution for you. We can keep our prices low because we use our own recording studio and our inhouse voice crew. Get in touch with us to discuss your voice recording needs. If it needs a voice, we have a voice for you.

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Erotica Narrators – Reading erotica is all about bringing out the desire in a narrator’s voice, subject matter of course varies but we can handle most subject and translate that into a voice message, voicemail recording, training, learning and more.