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Podcast Production and Recording

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Podcast Production Services

Podcast Production

At Spencer Cork Voice Over Recording Services, we totally understand Podcasting and how it benefits world of business promotion!

Our skilled team brings your brand’s story to life through captivating episodes that engage audiences and deliver impactful results. With a Podcast we can enhance your marketing strategy with the dynamic podcasting platform and ensure your business voice is heard clearly and effectively.

Prepare to expand your reach, increase engagement, and achieve new levels of success with Spence Cork Voice Over Recording Services.

How it Works


We can record a Podcast with you in many different ways:

Podcasts can be recorded using Zoom, Whatsapp, Team, iMessage and even Facebook the remote recording options are endless.

Making a Podcast remotely is a cost effective and efficient way of doing it, the results are often as good if not even better than recording one onsite. We can link up with you and patch your audio through our studio and chat as if we were in the same room. By doing a recording  this way we can keep costs low and make your Podcast idea a reality.

We can of course time permitting bring our studio to you and record a Podcast at your location (where possible).

If you would like more information from us, please get in touch. We can host the Podcast, Present your Podcast or as we do in most cases act as the main interviewer so that you can talk about your idea, product or business in greater detail by setting up pre arranged and discussed questions and answers making your Podcast creation stand out and sound ultra professional.


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