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With a VoIP Phone Number your can do so much more for your business.


Do you currently use a mobile phone for your business?

Take advantage of the helpful call features available using a VoIP phone number.

You can either use your VoIP number to engage with callers directly, or simply divert your incoming mobile calls to your own dedicated number to give your existing or potential customers the best call experience.

Your business would sound better with a professional Welcome Message, let callers know when you are closed or away, never miss an opportunity with missed calls as the answer service will email you a recording direct to your inbox and all received numbers are displayed for you to follow up when you have time available. This is a game changer for a small business or when your are trying to juggle work whilst taking calls.

Why not take advantage of the Virtual Voicemail: Easy Set Up  – Get ALL the benefits of having a VoIP quality call handling service with emails to advise of missed calls and caller messages delivered direct to your In Box – Just divert your mobile number to your virtual voicemail number when you are busy or closed – All this for only £4.95 per month with NO Fixed contract – Thats Just £4.95 per month and you can cancel at anytime. 

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail messages delivered to you by email as an MP3 file. Listen to voicemail messages on the go without having to go through a complicated dial-in process.

Missed Call Notifications

In the event of a missed call, we’ll notify you automatically by email. Choose to send to individual email addresses or a centralised mailbox.

Fax to Email

Accept faxes without having to buy a fax machine. Choose any UK number to use as your fax number and receive faxes instantly by email as a pdf attachment.

VoIP Virtual Phone Numbers

Use your internet connection to make and receive calls.

Use a local area code or offer your clients free calls to your business with an 0800 number.

No need for expensive hardware, you can use your  virtual number on your mobile phone.

Redirect & forward incoming calls to any number of your choice.

Keep your business and personal communications separate by advertising your virtual number instead of your home or mobile number.

Bespoke Voicemail Message Recording

Let your customers know how and when they can connect with you. One of our voices will record your personalized voicemail greeting, On Hold or Out of hours Message.