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Best Voicemail Recording Services Available

If you are looking for a professional quality voicemail recording for your business or for your own private use, we have a wealth of experience spread across your professional voice overs available to record your message.

All of the messages supplied are compatible with the standard phone servioce providers in the industry today. We provide voicemail recordings for VoIP (Voicer Over Internet Provider) phone services, other wise often referrred to as Cloud Phones.

We can provide your recording in any type of audio format.

WAV 44100 khz – MP3 – CITT Ulaw 8Bit – CITT Alaw 8Bit – WAV 8khz 16 Bit – AIIF – PCM WAV –  OGG – WMA – AAC – 

This is absolutely perfect I thank you so much for this. Please say thank you to the person who recorded this for us they have done a great job. I will be leaving a very positive google review!!! Great service.

Tariq Khan

Director, Criminal Litigation , Harris Solicitors

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Why do I need a Professional Voicemail Recording ?

A professional voicemail greeting is a key component of your communication strategy. It can increase engagement with your potential clients, create conversation and leave a good first impression if you are not available to answer your phone.

So,What is a professional voicemail greeting?

A professional voicemail greeting is a recording that informs clients and business partners you are not available to receive their call. It is an essential part of any effective business communication strategy, especially if you are wanting to increase sales.

A great professional voicemail greeting allows you to win deals from prospects and customers even when you cannot speak with them immediately. By letting them know you will call if they provide their name, number and message, you encourage customers to trust your professionalism.

What should i consider when writing the voicemail message ?

  • Information: Your business voicemail should provide all the information the caller needs. At the least, the recording should include your name, the name of your company and your office hours. You can also include the best way to reach you—such as an email—and provide that contact information. If they can leave a message, let them know in the message.

  • Validation: A great professional voicemail greeting should thank the caller for their call and apologize for missing it. If you can’t do both, at least show gratitude or regret.

  • Motivation: The aim of a professional voicemail is to keep the caller on the line long enough to listen to your message. You do that by motivating them enough to listen and leave their message. For this to happen, your recording must make them wait for their turn to speak.

  • Message Length: Keep your voicemail greetings within 10 and 30 seconds. Many people will appreciate a short, concise message that gives them all the information they need immediately.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 1

“Thank you for calling (Your Business Name) I’m sorry we cant take your call at the moment. Please leave you name, number and telephone number after the tone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please email info@(your business name).co.uk and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you”.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 6

“Thank you for calling (Your Business name). Our shop is closed for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We will reopen on December 27th at 8 AM.

Our normal business hours are Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM and Sunday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Please leave your message after the tone. Have a great Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you soon.”

Voicemail Greeting Example Script 11

Hello. You have reached (Your Name) , Marketing Manager for (Your Business Name). I am currently out of the office attending a conference until August 4th.

I will be checking messages daily, however, if you need immediate assistance, please contact Marketing Specialist, Michael Kim on extension 240. Otherwise, please leave a message, and I will call you back at my earliest opportunity.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 2

“Hello! You’ve reached the voicemail of [your name], [your job title]. I’m currently either away from my desk or on the other line. Please leave your name, telephone number, and a short message after the beep, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I’m available.”

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 7

“Thank you for calling (Your Business Name). We are currently closed. Please leave your name and phone number so someone from our team can follow up with you. For more information, please visit us at www.(Your Business Name).co.uk”

Voicemail Recording Example Script 12

You’ve reached the general mailbox for (your business Name). We are located in 1 St Ives Street . Our office is open to serve you Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

For more information on our products and manufacturing capabilities, visit www.(your Business Name).co.uk Our website also allows you to request a quote and place your orders online. All other inquiries, please leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 3

“Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail box of (your name). I’m not available to answer the phone right now. My office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Please leave your name and phone number and I’ll get back to you soon. If your call is urgent, you can also reach the main office on 1234 5678. Thank you”

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 8

“Thank you for calling (Your Business Name). We are currently closed due to the bad weather. Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM to 6 PM. Please visit www.(Yourbusinessname.co.uk) to place any orders

Voicemail Greeting Example Script 13

You’ve reached (your business name), The UK’s favorite destination for affordable, everyday jewelry. Due to a building maintenance emergency, we were forced to cancel our Spring Fling Jewelry Sale.

We understand that this was a disappointment to many of our customers, as they were not informed prior to the event. Rest assured, that we are in the processes of rescheduling the sale, and will be offering a sneak peek promotion with additional discounts for those who were affected by the miscommunication.

If you would like to be informed of the upcoming sale and other store events, please visit www.(your business name).co.uk  and sign up for our newsletter, or leave a message, and we will get back to you with all the details. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your understanding.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 4

“Thank you for calling (Your Business Name). No one is available to answer your call right now. Our business hours are Monday until Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Please leave your name and phone number so someone from our team can follow up with you. For more information, please visit www.(yourbusinessname).co.uk”

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 9

Hi, you’ve reached Customer Service. We are busy assisting other customers at the is time. Please leave a detailed message with your order number or customer ID, the reason for your call, and the best number to reach you. A Service Specialist will return your call as soon as possible.

Voicemail Recording Example Script 14

You’ve reached (Your Business Name), leaders in home decorating and construction services. We are pleased to announce that we were recently named ‘Best Local Contractor’ by the Check a Trade, and we finished another year ‘Complaint Free’ from the Better Business Office I

t’s just the kind of service you’d expect from your hometown professionals. We are sorry we are unable to take your call at this time, please leave a message, and we will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Voicemail Recording Message Example Script 5

“You’ve reached the service department of (Your Business Name). All of our advisors are currently on other calls helping customers. Please leave your contact information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or, you can email us at info@yourbusinessname.co.uk”

Voicemail Greeting Example Script 10

Hi, this is Tom, the sales manager at (Your Business Name). I’m either busy assisting customers, getting ready for our End of Season Sale, featuring deep discounts on our huge selection of power sports equipment and gear. Please leave a message , and I will call you back as soon as possible. Thanks for calling!

Voicemail Greeting Example Script 15

You are through to……. Please leave me a message after the tone and i will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. 

We Accept - Paypal - Apple Pay - Google Pay - Credit and Debit Card Payments - Bank Transfer - Available at Check Out

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Funny Voicemail Messages

  1. No one answers phone calls anymore send me a text.
  2. Hey! It’s (YOUR NAME HERE). So, ha ha funny story, my phone and I are playing hide and seek, and it’s winning. I’ll call you back as soon as I find it.  Hey before you leave that message, do you want to know something about me? I love jokes. You want to know something I hate? I hate long messages, so why don’t you leave a short one and I’ll get back to you. If you leave a long one don’t count on it.
  3. Hey! It’s ____. Do you want to hear a joke? Knock, knock! Who’s there? Not me, so leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!
  4. Hi…You have reached (name). I am unable to answer your call. Leave your name and number and I will return your call…If you are a bill collector, please send me a self-addressed stamped envelope so I can send you my latest bills. Have a great day!
  5. Hey… Who is this? …Who? … Oh, I hate you. You are the worst!
  6. Hey It’s _____. Here are three things you probably shouldn’t do right now: One – Don’t leave a message. It’s boring to listen to and a waste of my time, Two – Don’t call me back. I didn’t answer for a reason so just keep that in mind, Three – Don’t expect a call back. It’s not gonna happen so you might as well forget about it. So, keep those things in mind the next time you call me. OK, thanks, bye!
  7. Hello, you have reached _____. The reason I haven’t picked up is because you have been rejected! Thank you.
  8. (Name) is not available to take your call as of right now. If you are family/friends, press 1. If you are someone looking to give me a job, press 2. If you are one of the multiple out-of-area code numbers that constantly insist upon calling me, even though you should know by now I’m never going to answer, press the end button.
  9. The number you have reached is currently not in service, but when I wake up and turn my phone back on, it will be!
  10. Hello……. Ha Ha, tricked you! Leave a message at the tone.
  11. Hey this is _____ and if you hear this, I either think you’re crazy and I don’t want to talk to you, or I’m trapped under something heavy. Leave a message.
  12. Who is this? How did you get this number?
  13. Hi! It’s [Your Name Here]! Let’s Meet Up! I’m Close! (make running sounds then cut off).
  14. Hello, and thank you for calling the Starstripe Mental Hospital. If you need to reach a patient, please press 1 and then say their name. If you are delusional, please have either you or your monkey press 2 and we will connect you to the Mothership. If you have short term memory loss and you don’t know who we are or why you called, please press 3 and we will remind you. If you are dying… well that is not our problem and we cannot do anything about it. If you want to sell us something… this number is no longer valid. Thank you for calling Starstripe Mental Hospital and have a nice day.
  15. You have reached the voicemail box of (your name). If you’re a hot chick/guy, you may leave a message at the tone. If you’re one of (your name)’s friends, you may also leave a message at the tone. If you’re not hot and not one of (your name)’s friends, call back when you are.
  16. This is the voicemail box of The Goddess. Bow down and leave your humble message after the beep.
  17. Hi, sorry, but my therapist says I should spend more time “finding myself” than messing with a cell phone. So, leave a message after I stop crying.
  18. Hey, oh my god, I was just getting ready to call you. I’m so bored and was wondering what you were doing. Well probably getting ready to leave me a voicemail, but when I call you back will you let me know? Thanks.
  19. Hello, maybe I actually picked up the phone, but I’m bored so I’m pretending to be the voicemail. Hey, don’t be such a critic! Would you rather I pretend to be a sofa cushion? (pause) Sorry, I can’t get to the phone right now because I’m pretending to be a sofa cushion but leave a message and maybe I’ll get back to you when pigs fly.
  20. Hello? Oh, hey wait a minute I can’t hear you… Sorry, hold on… Nope, still can’t hear you. You want to know why? Because I’m not here right now. So, leave a message at the beep.
  21. Hello, if you’re hearing this, that means I’m probably trying to avoid you, so don’t leave a message, because nobody likes you.
  22. Hello? … Yea … Uh huh … Yea … No, you stop yelling at me … Oh, you’re yelling alright … you know what, I’m hanging up … yes, I am … (Beep) –
  23. (Very long pause) Wait! Please don’t hang up! I want to hear what you have to say.
  24. Hello. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call. I’m just waiting for more important people to call. If I hear your message and deem you worthy or the title “important,” I will think about calling you back, but for now. Bye! 
  25. Hello? (Pause) You’re still talking!? Shut the **** up!
  26. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know what you want. But you can tell me all of that in the message you leave me.
  27. Hi, you have reached (names) voicemail. If you want money or to sell us something, we a) Gave at the office, b) Already have it, or c) Don’t want it. If you are a friend, trying to give us money or just want to talk, then leave a message or try my cell phone number.
  28. (sing to call me maybe) “Hey, I missed your call, I hope you aren’t crazy, But leave your name, I will call you maybe!”
  29. Whatever unfortunate chain of events has led you to call my number this time! Leave your story here and I’ll call when I can.”
  30. You have reached the number you most recently dialed.
  31. You have reached this mailbox by mistake. Check the Number and call back!
  32. I’m glad you called, but I’m not home, but I’ll be back before too long. You’ve got to wait for the beep, you’ve got to leave your name, you’ve got to leave your number, wait for the beep! *BEEP*
  33. Hello, you’ve reached the (First and Last name) dyslexia helpline. Please leave a massage.
  34. You have reached the Gestapo Speech Therapy Unit. We have ways of making you talk. Please leave your message after the slightly disguised scream at the end. You will leave your message NOW!
  35. Like Totally, like Wow. Like I’m not here right now, leave a message at the beep and I’ll call you back if you’re not a creep.
  36. Talk to the voicemail because (your name) don’t want to talk.
  37. I have a very unique voice mail message that many people have wanted me to put on their phone. Can you help me sell this and set up for a percentage of the cost.
  38. Studies show that people that leave messages are usually intelligent, outgoing, friendly, and motivated, People that hang up are usually dark, depressed, cynical and sometimes psychotic. Please categorize yourself at the tone.
  39. Hey, hello and how do you do? leave a short message, and I will get back to you.
  40. Hello? Pause… Hello? Pause… Hello? Hey, who is this? Pause… I think we’ve got a bad connection; can you speak up? Pause… All right, I think you should probably just leave your name and number at the tone!
  41. Hello? … I can barely hear you, speak up. Okay that’s better. Okay so what did you want? …  Oh, that’s nice, but I want you to leave your name and number after the beep. Bye!


Thank you so much for such a super efficient service, we are all so happy with the results - fabulous!

Kind regards, Paula

Paula Pollard | Business Development Manager

“I'm new to Spencer Cork Voice Over Services , just found them after a quick search on the internet. Having just installed a new Cloud based calling system we need a fast turnaround on a voicemail. Fast turnaround indeed, great communication from the team and care and consideration given to checking the content of our message.  Five star service, I can highly recommend them and I would definitely use again.. Gives your messages a much more professional feel and all for a simple price with no catches.”

Paul Hughes

Director ReStart BTi  www.restartbti.co.uk


Absolutely Superb!
Have been using Spencer for our voice-overs and can say he is BY FAR the best in the business!

Spencer is reliable, always available to help (even out of hours). His always on hand to offer his support and advice.

Would not look elsewhere, if you are looking for a professional voice over service look no further, Spencer is the man you NEED.

We would highly recommend Spencer without a shadow of a doubt and look forward to working with him ourselves for many years to come.


Cannot recommend Spencer enough. Very easy to deal with and quick response time. We have been using his services for years!!!


Great services, I’ve used Spencer for a number of years now…..


A very fast turnaround with high quality recordings which are competitively priced


Excellent service
Spencer is very talented, fast delivery and professional. That’s why we keep using his services.


Excellent value for money and service as it should be.
Excellent value for money with a fast and efficient service, all happy here.


Whenever we deal with Spencer, we always get a super fast response and a impeccable service. I can’t recommend his services enough. He deserves more than 5 stars!


Quick *and* high quality? You don’t have to choose. Perfect!


I would recommend Spencer Cork’s Voice Over Services to anyone looking for reliable, fast, fairly-priced narration. He consistently delivers ahead of schedule and is good at providing status updates along the way. 5 stars!


Extremely swift and professional service. Will definitely use again and highly recommend without hesitation. Thank you


We recently used Spencer for a voiceover on a video project, and were extremely pleased with the service we received. Spencer’s communication was very punctual, he delivered the recording ahead of our expected turnaround, and the quality of recording was excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

SO Visual Video

Spencer has always been a pleasure to deal with and the service has been a lot quicker than quoted.

His recordings are high quality and the script that I have provided is always read exactly as it is written.

I would highly recommend.

Ben Sheppard

Highly recommend
We have used Spencer for our telephone system messages. Very professional and always reads the scripts exactly as requested.


Thank god we found Spencer.

Firstly a great voice, he has never let me down in over 6 years, possibility even longer.

He’s more like a member of staff.

I couldn’t recommend Spencer enough. The turnaround speed is amazing, he won’t let you down.

Jody Rhodes Numbergroup.com

Excellent fast and professional service
Spencer has a very fast turnaround with high quality recording. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Very easy to deal with and super quick response time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him

Natalie Maher-Lander

Rated 5 out of 5

Very nice – thank you, excellent as always


The Landscape Yard


Fantastic service!


Glad we found Spencer Cork. Fast turn around and great VOIP compatibility. Really happy and will be using again when required. Makes us seem much more professional now we have these high quality recordings. Cant complain about the price either!.


Howard - Leicester Sectional Buildings




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What is a VoIP Phone?

VoIP phone is a kind of telephone that uses IP technology to transmit calls. It can come either in the form of specialized digital hardware or a program .

How does a VoIP phone Work ?

VoIP phones make and receive calls via the Internet. This means that they can use your office’s Internet connection to connect to the telephone network. 

Why use a VoIP phone? ?

VoIP allows sharing a phone number across multiple devices. Calls made to that number can be answered from any other device that uses the same number.

Do i need special extra equipment for a VoIP phone ?

For a VoIP phone system to work, you have to have a modem and router, which are part of your existing internet setup. Users make calls from any device that has your call software downloaded. This device can be a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. You can also make calls from a VoIP phone.

voicemail recording
voicemail recording
voicemail recording

We provide voicemail recordings that can be used with Cloud Phone and Voip Phone services.

The voice messages are ideas for voip message recording  and cloud message recording.

Voicemail recording for business and personal use. A voicemail recording sample is available by request.

Voicemail download is also avalaible.

Answerphone message and answerphone recording specialists. On Hold recording and IVR Recording available.

Automated call recording.

Recorded Voicemail Message
Recorded Voicemail Message
Recorded Voicemail Message

What kind of voicemail recording are you looking for ?

How do I get my message recorded professionally?

How long does it take to record and deliver a voicemail?

Why use a professional voice recording?

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Where can i find a voicemail recording company?

You can find a professional Voicemail recording company at www.spencercork.co.uk

How much is a professional voicemail recording?

We provide voicemail recordings from £19.95

Will a voicemail recording word on my phone?

Typically our recording are compatible with all VoIP and Cloud Phones services.

Can i order online?

We accept online payments and Paypal.

How long does a voice over recording take?

In most cases turn around of recordings is within 12 to 24 Hours

Where to find a voice over

We provide voice over recordings for all applications.

Best Voicemail Recording, professional quality From £19.95
British Male Voice Over and Voicemail Recording Service

Best Voicemail Recording male and female voice over available, voice recording are compatible with all VoIP and cloud phones from £19.95

Lets take a quick look at the online phone service known as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

This is now one of the more widely used way to communicate by phone. This basically does away with a standard phone line and instead uses your broadband connection to make and receive telephone calls.

There are many providers on the market that offer these services and it is best to check on what each one can do to enhance your call quality and usability.

Look for a service that offers you the user a ‘dashboard set up’ this way you are in control of the interface and can set it up to best reflect your incoming call needs.

Do you need to put a caller On Hold? Do you want to play your caller a message whilst they are On Hold or maybe take this opportunity to play them a marketing or sales message to use this time effectively. Maybe some soothing On Hold music ?

Be careful if you do intend to use music, remember that you can not just pluck a tune from a CD and use that – music must be licenced for use or non-copyright or licence free!

Do you need to run a special message during a lunch break or for when your office or business is unavailable? Maybe a special message to use when you are on your holiday or unexpected reason to close for the day.

What about running a message after hours? You may close at pm every weekday but your potential customer may work until 6pm or even later. Don’t miss out here, simply use a message that encourages the caller to call back or leave a message so that you can follow up the next working or business day.

Keep your messages fresh. When was the last time you checked what your messages are saying to callers? Have your business hours changes? Have members of staff changed? Are you still promising or offering a product or service that no longer exists? Even worse, does your voicemail message mention a phone number that is no longer in use?

Getting back to a VoIP service for a moment – Using these services means that changing and updating caller messages is now easier than ever and when using our voice messages you can change and update your voicemail quickly and cost efficiently.

To get a truly professional sound it is worth investing in a professional voice over recording service like Spencer Cork Voice Overs

It would be a good idea to hire a professional voice over to record your message in a professional studio.

Our voicemail services are professionally recorded messages that greet your caller before the call it put through to your company.

We record our messages in our professional studio before we email these back to you.