What makes a voice over the best? Who is the best British voice over, where to find the best UK voice over or best English voice over ?

There are many things to consider, and here are just a few of them to start the conversation.

  1. Good audio clarity and quality
  2. A good style of delivery speed or pace of speech
  3. Getting the tone and inflections right to complement the product or script
  4. Getting your pronunciation right – research is key
  5. A quiet / sound proofed and acoustically treated room or studio / booth
  6. The best microphone your money can buy
  7.  Sound editing equipment – find the software that you are competent in using
  8. Do your research – understand the product you are voicing for or about
  9. Always make a back up!
  10. Work with your client and understand what they expect from your recording session

These are just a few ideas to get an idea of what to expect when booking a voice over session. Most importantly clients need to know what you sound like and getting your demos to sound good right from the start is key.




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