I have been working as a voice over artist for over 20 years, having started my career in commercial radio back in the 90’s.

Using my experience recording and producing radio commercials during this time has allowed me to build and operate from my own purpose built recording studio based in the UK.

Having my own studio means i can keep my operating costs low and provide high quality recording services 7 days a week. In most cases voice over’s can be recorded and returned the same day depending on the size or complexity of your project. Directed sessions are also possible using Skype or IpDTL or even can be directed over the phone.

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Studio equipment includes.

Shure / Se and Rode Mics

Audient and Alesis audio interfances

Mac and Adobe software editing

All audio is professionally recorded in my sound proof recording booth, and supplied back to you in any format requested. AIFF / WAV MP3


A selection of recent voice over work I have recorded. Here there is a wide range of voice over styles, from Hard Sell radio commercials to more lighthearted, conversational and informative delivery styles.

This is a voice over explaining the dangers of Identify Fraud.

This is a voice over for Taylors Seafood Restaurant, delivered in an uplifting and enthusiast style.

This is a voice over for Panadol as well known over the counter medicine. Recorded for Radio.

This is a radio voice over for Mercedes Benz advertising their GLA180 motor vehicle.

This voice over compilation showcases voice overs recorded for corporate clients.

This voice over compilation showcases voice over recordings made using a more conversational style of delivery.

This voice over compilation is a mix of radio commercials incorporating many styles.