I have recently recorded and provided a full IVR and On Hold recording audio package to the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) for their emergency call service and also for use by their crew members to get in touch with their dispatch teams.

From initial contact by the technical team at the trust through to providing the final audio recordings was undertaken with in 5 working days.

Once the brief had been supplied i was able to provide a quotation for the completion of the project and begin production.

The audio was also required in a format called CITT Alaw 8bit 8khz – This is a common file type along with Ulaw – PCM WAV – MP3 – If you are unsure about what kind of audio file you may need we can sort this out for you before we begin recording. It is also possible to convert standing file formats into other file formats at a later date.

Please contact me for more information about recording On Hold and IVR Messages.