PRE Recorded Voice Messages from ONLY £3.95

Generic Pre Recorded Messages

Below you will find a list of Low Cost Pre Recorded Voicemail Messages.

The generic messages below are available in the MALE VOICE ONLY for £3.95 each in mp3 and wav 8khz 16 Bit format, and are emailed to you once payment is received.

The “Copyright” reference in the demo versions will also be removed on your purchased version.

You can make payment using the BUY Instant Download Button  link below.


email me quoting the VM reference number and i can arrange for payment to be made using Paypal or Bank Transfer and email you the message requested directly.

*If your request is made after 5 pm weekdays the message will be emailed to you the next working day or at the earliest opportunity.

*If you wish the messages to be changed or modified in anyway additional charges will apply.

Please use the button below to choose and pay for one of the pre recorded message above. The message is available to download once payment is received.

Alternatively please email me and i will arrange for your payment to be made and send you the recording directly by email.


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