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Around the globe, owners and operators repeatedly choose Pyrogel insulation to protect their people, processes, and facilities. Pyrogel products have class-leading thermal performance, mechanical toughness, resistance to water, versatility, and resiliency. This unique set of features put Pyrogel first in class for speed of application, reusability, and space savings.

As an official Aspen Aerogel distributer, Benarx has over several years supplied both the Pyrogel and Cryogel product family by bulk rolls, as well as supplying pre-fabricated parts from our facility in Gościcino, Poland.

It is proven that pre-fabricated Pyrogel and Cryogel parts, will significantly improve on installation time, supporting overall project execution.

Although there should be no concerns for human health, it is known that the dust exposure from Pyrogel and Cryogel products, may produce a sensation of dryness to skin and irritation to eyes,
skin, and respiratory track. For worker comfort when working with these products, we always recommend the use of dust masks, safety eyewear, and work gloves.

On construction sites workplace exposure to all dusts should be controlled with standard
industrial hygiene practices, but preformed Pyrogel/Cryogel parts pre-fabricated and wrapped offsite, will significantly reduce dust while handling the material, limiting the nuisance of the dust to insulation workers, as well as limiting dust exposure to other tradesmen working in the vicinity.

Benarx utilizes the latest in technology and cutting tools to ensure a perfect fit every time, be it for straight pipe, elbows, tee’s or any other pipe fitting. We supply pre-cut sections for single-, and multi-layer application, wraped in plastic and clearly tagged to ensure easy and efficient material handling and logistics, all the way to the workplace.

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