Add your Voicemail Recording to Your Mobile Phone

This has to be one of the most asked questions.

But i can help with this.

You first need to be aware that the standard mobile voicemail isn’t designed for business call handling, for that you would be better suited to a VOIP services such as Vonage or Number Group  these are cloud based call handling companies. Worth checking out if you need multiple messages, On Hold or Busy messages or even welcome options. Standard mobiles don’t offer this.

So how can we help…

We will need from you:

Your Mobile Number (that the message is to go on).

Your Voicemail PIN security number ( this MUST be set up in your voicemail menu options, it is NOT the PIN code you use to un-lock your mobile, it is in the settings menu that you dial into to retrieve a message someone has left you. The Default PIN code will not work – it must be set up and activated by you).

And finally, we will need to know what network you are on. This is because the networks all have different ways in which to access a mobile voicemail from a land line. This is how we can access your voicemail. NOTE: We would always advise that after your message has been transferred to your mobile voicemail that you change your PIN again for security reasons.

The other way is to simply use our recording by playing it from a pair of speakers and recording directly into your mobile as if you were making the recording yourself – we advise to hold the phone approximately 6 inches from the speakers when doing this.


If you have any questions not covered in the above please either email us here or call me on 0800 118 5024

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